Phenomenal Practitioners
6 October, 2020 | Riga, Latvia

9.2 out of 10 eCOM360 participants satisfaction survey results

Very interesting, valuable and definitely one of the best I participated in Baltics. Hope next year it will happen again!
Simas Šarmavičius | Head of E-Commerce
Long story short: no other Latvian event has managed to gather such high-quality speakers at once. eCOM360 raised the bar!
Linda Renckulberga | Digital Marketing Project Manager
eCOM360 conference is one of the best organized conferences I’ve been. Diversity in thinking, speakers and cultural insights. Riga + Latvia punch above its weight. Kudos
Rudi Anggono | Head of Creative + Strategic Visioning
eCOM360 is a MUST for everyone that want to get inspired by industry leaders and meet like-minded people. Among similar conferences, eCOM360 stands out with great organization, impressive attendee list and an inspiring atmosphere to help bring ideas to life. Definitely - Recommend!
Evita Mezezera | Head of Marketing
An impressively and brilliantly organized event with great speakers covering interesting topics.
Gundars Margevics | Head of Marketing for Baltics
I was pleasantly surprised by the top-class line up of international speakers from big shot companies coming all the way from the US, Asia, and Europe!
Joey Toh | Director of E-Commerce